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Educating the CCTV Industry since 1988.

All Vlado's books 300 adelaide2005_seminar_small Vlado and his latest book 300

Educating the CCTV Industry since 1988

Closed Circuit Television (now referred to as IP Video Surveillance), is a modern technology used in all aspects of our lives today.
From security surveillance through monitoring manufacturing processes to assisting university students and hospital patients.
This is a complex technology comprising of optics, cameras, displays, compression, networking, computing and storage sciences.
Based on my four best-seller books on CCTV, I am here to offer you enlightening seminars and demystify these technologies.
Best of all, you will have a copy of my latest book to remind you of all topics covered and discussed in the Seminars.
Let me sharpen your IP CCTV knowledge
If you’re interested in having me train your team, including all, or any, of the topics listed on the Syllabus page
please feel free to contact me so we can work something out.

All attendants receive:

- Certificate signed by the trainer
ViDi Labs training certificate sample
- Latest book in PDF format
All Vlado's books 300
- Special discounted offer on ViDi Labs SD/HD test chart
ViDi Labs HD-SD Test chart copy
- Bring your own copy of the book "CCTV - from light to pixels" for a personalised autograph.

What attendants have said:

“...Clearly knowledgeable and an expert in his field. I like all of his
information that was presented and I would like to see another presentation
by him.”
Murat Altuev - ITV/Axxon, Moscow

“Vlado is obviously at the high end of technical knowledge. He also
explained it in terms understandable to the lay person.”
Richard Cook - Crown Casino, Melbourne

"I came all the way from Hong Kong to Singapore, just to hear you and learn from you. Fantastic seminar, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience."
Tsoi Kennedy, Senior Inspector, Computer Forensic Laboratory, Hong Kong Customs, Hong Kong

"I attended one important Physics lesson today. From the concept of SI units of measurement to the spectrum of wavelength, I struggled to recall many of these ideas which I learnt many years ago during my school days. Back then, the drive for learning and understanding Physics was to pass my exam :). Today, I was convinced by Vlado Damjanovski (founder of ViDi Labs) that understanding Physics is the key to comprehending CCTV and its application. I look forward to the Day 2 program tomorrow."
Dex Yan, CPP, MBA, Depute Director at SP Group, Singapore

“... In these two days I learned and understood everything that Vlado
has been telling me in the past few years while he was helping me
on various projects.”
Tony Casusceli - Vision Technology Systems, Australia

“...Thank you - an excellent presentation. I learned a lot and Vlado’s
presentation filled a lot of gaps.”
Shane Cooper - Bluescope Steel, Australia

“Very dry subject matter that was presented in a very engaging interesting
way. Very impressed with his knowledge level.”
Kevin - Sands Casino, Macau

"Vlado Damjanovski is the man."
Martin Fernandez, VTS QLD, Australia

“This guy knows his stuff!”
From the SDA at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas

“Vlado was awesome! I did learn from him this week and will take
what I learned and share it.”
From the SDA at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas

“ All aspects very well done & I am not very technical. Vlado made
this topic very easy to understand and comprehend. I can use all this
information in my casino - thanks.”
From the SDA at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Congratulations to Mr.Vlado Damjanovski and his team for presenting a fine gift to the CCTV Industry. 
Let this be the milestone for the growth of the Industry and the meeting ground for CCTV professionals around the world.  
We once again wish to thank Mr.Vlado Damjanovski whose dream has made this possible.
C.Kanakaraj, Advent Electromagnetic Technologies, Tamilnadu-India

I would like to say I have a copy of Vlado's book and the magazine which I have found to be an excellent reference source.
Len Owen, B.A., Special Constable, Saskatoon , CANADA
I truly think your book is one of the best around from a technical slant. There is very little out there about CCTV and a lot of mis-information or shall we say grey areas on specifications for cameras and your book and articles offer advise from an independent point of view.
Pat Moore, Baxall, UK

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