About the lecturer - Vlado Damjanovski

I am based in Kiama, on the  beautiful South Coast of New South Wales,  Australia.  

I am an author, inventor, lecturer and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) specialist. 

I run my own company - ViDi Labs, which provides consultancy, design & project management, system-commissions, product testing, desk-top publishing and seminar training.

I have a degree in Electronics Engineering from the University Kiril & Metodij in Skopje (Macedonia). I specialised in broadcast television and CCTV.  My 1982 thesis on the subject of charge-coupled devices (CCD) pre-empted their wide commercial use by ten years.  My first job in 1982, at the Video Engineering company was as a design engineer for CCTV cameras, monitors, Video Distribution Amplifiers and Power Supplies. 

In 1987 I migrated to Australia as an independent migrant based on my qualifications.  Due to this early experience in the broadcast industry in Macedonia I landed my first Australian job opportunity as a Broadcast TV engineer with TCN Channel 9.

I proudly participated in the Australian Bi-Centennial TV broadcast undertaken by Channel 9 in January 1988. Following this I returned to the CCTV industry, being offered an attractive position at the CCTV company Vamarc.  

It wasn’t long before I began teaching my colleagues about CCTV, as most of them were sales based and not technical. Consequently, this ad-hoc teaching evolved into a fully fledged seminar business which I started conducted Australia-wide until 1994.

In 1995 I published my first technical reference book on the subject of CCTV because there were no books on this subject at the time. I simply called it CCTV.  This was, and still is, one of the first and most complete reference manuals on the subject of CCTV.

This book  was accepted and approved by the international CCTV industry as de-facto reference manual for all technical people in the industry.

The book content has evolved with the industry’s evolution and each new edition was expanded with the latest technologies. 

The 4th and latest edition of the book, CCTV - from light to pixels has been translated into Russian, Korean, German, Chinese and Farsi, and it continues to have 5-star rating on Amazon. This, and the other book editions, can be found on amazon.com and other quality technical book stores.

In my seminars I demystify and explain all the tricks and technologies of the CCTV industry. I use a simple and clear approach supported by original illustrations, videos, images, and specialist drawings. I encourage topic-related discussion and Q&As to assist the learning.

I conduct these seminars world-wide, so I can come to you if it is easier. 

For the ones that can not come to my face-to-face seminars, I have also created an online ViDiLabs Academy, which would eventually contain over 30 video lectures, covering all the IP CCTV topics known to date.

In my rich career of over 35 years of professional activity I have designed or consulted on many pioneering projects all around the world, from the small home systems, up to thousands of IP cameras in casinos. This experience has helped me learn and understand all the intricacies of the real systems and installations, which I have reflected in my seminars.

I was involved in the creating of the Australian CCTV standards AS 4806 series back in 2003~2006, and I am currently working closely with the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in creating the new Digital CCTV Standards IEC 62676. 

I have developed numerous innovative products for the CCTV industry. Starting from the very first CCTV test chart on the back of my very first book in 1995, then the Programmable Test Pattern Generator TPG-8, the updated SD/HD ViDiLabs Test Chart and, more recently, the ViDiLabs calc application for iOS and Android smart devices. 

Recently I have also developed a camera image analysis software, which is based on the images captured from latest ViDiLabs test chart v.5.1. This enables objective camera evaluation, all compliant with the latest IEC 62676-5 standards. Based on this test chart, my company also conducts in-house camera testing and software evaluation.

Needless to say, I still conduct consultancy, and if you require, in addition to the training offered via these pages, I am available to assist you in your projects.

Contact me via: 

vlado (at) vidilabs.com

In my 30 years of teaching, I have trained many professionals, end users, installers, managers, consultants and manufacturers.

They all learned something new and important for their business.

A large number of professionals are very knowledgable in many areas, but in todays modern times there is always more to learn. 

I have spent nearly 45 years of my professional life studying, working with, designing, testing and developing products and technologies in CCTV. 

As a result, I have accumulated sufficient experience to pass such knowledge onto students in a simple, systematic and efficient way.  Always illustrated with original and self-explanatory slides and drawings - my presentations are very easy to understand.

This was the reason I wrote my first book on CCTV when, in 1995, when there were no books on the subject to be found. 

My books grew out of this lack of materials and the ever changing CCTV technologies. 

This was the reason for having four editions of the book, each one of them including additional and new technologies to the previous ones.

Many have used the Syllabus pages to decide which topics they feel would suit them most. In addition, some have requested new and challenging  topics which have later on became developed as extensions of the original book material.. 

Such seminars are shown in the VCA and Tenders pages.

Last, but not least, if you don’t have the time to attend any of the seminars, I created a new online ViDiLabs Academy, which in over 30 video lectures covers  absolutely everything in IP CCTV..

E-mail me your requirements and let’s discuss options.