Banks, casinos, mints, shops and other sites working with money or small valuable objects, will benefit greatly when their installers know which camera and lens to install for the best coverage. 

This seminar is intended for all involved in designing or installing IP CCTV systems in such places.

The seminar is intended to last one day, but the syllabus shown below can be customised to suit your needs.

Duration: 1 day  

Location: Your venue, we come to you - anywhere in the world!

Total cost (Australia): A$6,000 + GST

Total cost (anywhere outside Australia): US$7,000

The number of students is not limited.

Every student gets a certificate and the Seminar PDF, which includes many detailed drawings and examples.

The complete CCTV syllabus, shown below, can be customised to suit your needs.

We reserve the rights to add or remove topics as technology evolves.

CCTV in Banks and Casinos

The current IEC 62676 standards


Illumination levels in luxes

Lenses and MTF

Cameras imaging sensors

Seeing colours and Infra Red

F-stops, Depth of Field and Airy Disks 

Pixel Density (pix/m) metrics

Seeing details

Image quality of various objects

Facial identification (FI) and Facial Recognition (FR)

Money, Casino cards and chips recognition

Colour temperatures


Motion blur due to moving objects

Rotating objects blur (roulette wheels) 

Electronic shutter

Casino light levels

Image and Video Compressions

Storage calculation

Drawing tools

How to design a CCTV system

Choosing the right camera and how to test it 

Using a test chart

Camera quality software analysis

ViDiLabs calculator

Case studies

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