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About Me

I am based in Berry, a beautiful small place near Sydney, Australia.

I am an author, inventor, lecturer and closed circuit television (CCTV) expert.

I run my own company, ViDi Labs Pty.Ltd., which provides consultancy, design & project management, system-commission, product testing, desk-top publishing and teaching through CCTV seminars, based on my four books.

I have a degree in Electronics Engineering from the University “Kiril & Metodij” in Skopje (Macedonia), specialising in broadcast television and CCTV.
My 1982 thesis on the subject of charge-coupled devices (CCD) pre-empted their wide commercial use by ten years.

My first job, 1982, at the Video Engineering company in Ohrid, Macedonia, was as a design engineer for CCTV cameras.

In 1987 I migrated to Australia as an independent migrant, based on my qualifications.
Since I already had experience in the broadcast industry in Macedonia (Televizija Skopje) my first work opportunity was as a Broadcast TV engineer in TCN Channel 9, one of the oldest TV stations in Australia. I proudly participated in the Australian Bi-centenial TV broadcast undertook by Channel 9 in January 1988. Not long after that I went back to the CCTV industry, being offered an attractive work for a small company called Vamarc.
Very soon I started teaching my colleagues about CCTV, as most off them were sales and non-technical people.
Later on, this ad-hoc teaching evolved into a full fledged seminars which I did all around Australia with STAM.

In 1995 I published my first technical reference book on the subject of CCTV because there was no book on this topic at the time. I simply called it 'CCTV'.
This was, and still is, one of the first and most complete reference manuals on the subject of CCTV. Covering all that a CCTV expert, installer and consultant should know, this book was accepted and approved by the international industry. Certainly this book has evolved with the industry evolution and each and new edition covers all the latest technology. The book is now in its 4th edition, and translated into Russian, Korean, German, Chinese and Farcy, and they continue to have 5-star rating on Amazon. The last edition is titled '
CCTV - from light to pixels'.

Based on these best-seller books - I conduct easy-to-understand CCTV training seminars, which is the main idea for this web site.

In my seminars I demystify and explain all the tricks and technologies of the CCTV industry.

I conduct these seminars world-wide, and all I require is to have my travel and daily expenses covered.

I have a vast experience and practical knowledge too, as I have designed and commissioned a number of CCTV Systems around Australia and overseas.
These include large-scale projects such as the Darling Harbour CCTV system, the Downing Centre CCTV system and the Sydney City Council system.
In 1997 I was the chief consultant and designer for the Star City Casino digital CCTV system . This system was one of the first digital systems in the world, costing in excess of $1.5M.  In 2003 I was instrumental in winning the system design for the Sands Casino (Macao) - another world-first in utilising Digital Virtual Matrix switching of over 2,500 digital recorders - costing in excess of $5M.

I was involved in the creating of Australian CCTV standards AS 4806 series back in 2003~2006, and I am currently working closely with the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in creating the new Digital CCTV Standards IEC 62676.

I developed original and unique products for the CCTV industry, such was the Programmable Test Pattern Generator TPG-8, then the new SD/HD ViDiLabs Test Chart and lately the ViDiLabs calc iOS application, which can be downloaded from iTunes (
These products are used by many companies world-wide, in various measurement and quantifying CCTV system performances.

Last, but not least, I am a passionate photographer for over 40 years now, and I invite you to visit my photographic web site
www.damjanovski.com and enjoy my Poems with Pixels web site.

Contact: Vlado at ViDiLabs.com

Don’t forget to check out my portfolio. I look forward to hearing from you!